At The Law Office of Tricia S. Lindsay, we work to bring about reasonable solutions while regarding the best interests of the children (if applicable) of the union as a significant priority in dealing with marriage dissolution matters. While all divorces have unique complexities, most can be categorized into three categories.

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No-fault divorce

eliminates the requirement that couples must prove grounds for divorce. Either spouse may claim that the marriage has been irretrievably broken down, eliminating the need to litigate whether the divorce is permissible.

Uncontested Divorce

This is generally the fastest and least expensive way to dissolve a marriage. To obtain an uncontested divorce, the couple must present the court with a signed divorce settlement agreement signed by both parties.

Contested divorce

This type of divorce is generally complicated, emotionally charged, and sometimes includes child custody disputes, spousal support, and property distribution. When a couple cannot deliver a complete divorce settlement agreement, they are usually faced with the challenge of litigating any issues between them in a contested divorce action.